Progressive Investors Network, LLC (PIN) is a team of experienced financial professionals who work with families and small business owners toward a more sustainable future. Our clients hire us to advocate their causes and financial future. Whether they integrate new cash flow management strategies, review insurance coverage, or build savings/investment strategies for a financial goal, it is all for their vision of a progressively more sustainable future for themselves, their children, and future generations. Often, this involves a focus on fossil fuel divestment and shareholder advocacy. Our team can help you achieve your dreams and goals with our proprietary investment sleeves. It starts with a personalized conversation where we discuss your dreams and goals, tolerances and avoidances, time horizon and risk tolerance, working toward a sustainable lifestyle, preparing for the unexpected, and leaving a legacy. Together, we want to help you achieve financial security and comfort, leaving you open to living a balanced and rewarding life, advocating for your beliefs.

348 Park Street
Suite 107
North Reading, MA 01864