Sujeet Desai is a remarkable young musician born with Down Syndrome who plays seven instruments, violin, piano, Bb and Bass Clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, and drums. After graduating from high school on the honor roll, he finished post-secondary study at Berkshire Hills Music Academy in 2003. Sujeet has travelled to fifteen countries and over forty states in the US to give solo concerts and motivational power point workshops to share his story. As an ambassador for Down Syndrome International, Global Down Syndrome Foundation, and The Best Buddies of New York, Sujeet has won numerous national and international awards as well three Presidential Awards from Singapore, Dubai, and Trinidad. He has been on 20/20, The View, Oprah, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. He has jammed with musicians like Kenny G, Candy Cane, Joe Whitening, and has received the Quincy Jones Award for excellent self-advocacy. In May 2015 Sujeet made his Carnegie Hall Debut by showcasing four instruments in seven minutes, giving a motivational speech and Tae Kwon Do demonstration to reinforce his mission of “believe in your abilities and work hard without giving up.” He received a standing ovation. He was selected as one of the thirteen International horn players by Blink production in London to make a commercial for the 2016 Rio Paralympics games. Living an independent life since age 19, he has opened many doors and has brought hope to individuals with different abilities, their parents, educators, and their service providers. Besides music, he is a skilled athlete and a recipient of awards in alpine skiing, swimming, basketball, and track and field. He has third degree black belt in the Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do. His motivational workshops promote the theory of “Multiple Intelligences” with which one can improvise their different abilities to live in the community with respect. His day job is to provide musical entertainment to brighten the day of senior residents who live away from family.