As a Transition Specialist and Special Education teacher with over 25 years of experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it has been Sherry’s passion to connect students, families, educators, community leaders, politicians and professionals together to support youth in accessing inclusive postsecondary education as well as competitive employment. Through a variety of formats, including social media, fact sheets, presentations, research projects, lobbying efforts, community events, and video conferencing, she has been able to bring awareness of inclusive postsecondary options and employment opportunities to students, families, and educators throughout Massachusetts. Prior to earning her M.Ed. from Westfield State University, Sherry earned her B.S. from UMass Amherst and worked as a clinical nutritionist for our community hospital and Head Start Program for a total of 18 years. One of her proudest professional moments was being among the first in the State to receive the endorsement of transition specialist.