Kate Bartlett works part-time at AQUENT, a staffing company, in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a member of the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress’ Self Advocate Advisory Council and a Council member of the Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council. She lives in an apartment by herself and enjoys musical theater, movies, shopping, and traveling. She has an active social life, spending a great deal of time with her friends, her boyfriend, and her family.

Kate always dreamed of attending general education classes and was able to graduate from high school at age 18, receiving her diploma. She then went on to attend Middlesex Community College where she participated in Commencement even though she was one course shy of obtaining an Associate’s Degree.

Public speaking allows Kate to advocate for herself and other individuals with Down syndrome. She has spoken at numerous conferences and events including the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress’ Annual Conference and Educators Forum, the National Down Syndrome Congress’ Annual Conferences in Atlanta, Orlando, and Washington, D.C., and Boston College. She testified at a United States Senate hearing in Washington, D.C a few years ago, and at the Massachusetts State House on two bills in the fall of 2015. In 2017, she spoke at the Massachusetts Arc and Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council’s Legislative Reception, and testified again on a Higher Education bill at the Massachusetts State House.

On top of her many accomplishments, Kate is the recipient of the National Down Syndrome Society’s 2019 Champion of Change award. She has travelled to the nation’s capital on several occasions for the NDSS Buddy Walk on Washington, during which she advocates for legislative priorities – including funding for research –that impact the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families.