Bethany Van Delft Moffi is a comedian, storyteller, emcee, and fierce Parent Advocate. She’s participated in many trainings focusing on leadership and advocacy through organizations such as MFOFC and IISC. In 2017, she was awarded the Federation for Children with Special Needs “Patricia Blake Parent Advocacy Award,” given to an individual who exemplifies the belief in the potential of all children with disabilities to achieve.

In the Before Times, Bethany regularly hosted “The MOTH” live events, and her own story “Light & Hope” sharing her postpartum experience after the birth of her first child was featured on The Moth Radio Hour and is included in The MOTH’s 2nd book “All These Wonders.”

Currently, she co-hosts of PBS/Nova’s series “Parentalogic” and hosts “The Ten News” podcast for kids ages 8-12. When not WFHing or Zoom schooling with her two children, she spends her time conjuring ways to make the backyard exciting and incessantly decluttering.