Ashley DeNoble is 22 years old and lives in Newton, Massachusetts. In 2018, Ashley received a Certificate of Completion from Newton South High School. She participated in the Transitional Scholars Program at Mass Bay Community College where she completed two courses, Oral Communication and American Sign Language. In 2021, Ashley completed the Community Connections program at Newton North High School.

Ashley is a member of the MDSC’s Advocates in Motion program and the MDSC’s Self Advocate Advisory Council.

Ashley works part time at the Blissful Monkey Music studio in Jamaica Plain, as a music assistant. In 2019, Ashley was the Allen C. Crocker Intern at the MDSC. She has been working at the Boston Ballet as a Teaching Assistant in their Adaptive Dance program for four years.

When she is not working Ashley likes to exercise and take time for her health and wellness. Ashley trains at Inclusive Fitness in West Roxbury and participates in Newton Athletes Unlimited.

In her free time Ashley loves to listen to music, walk, do Zumba and Yoga, dance and ride horses. Ashley loves to end her days with a relaxing meditation.