Ashley Helsing

Ashley Helsing is the Director of Government Relations for the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) where she works with Members of Congress and their staff, federal agencies, state and local leaders, and grassroots advocates to pass legislation that is beneficial to the Down syndrome community. Originally from the West Coast, Ashley has built her career […]

Jane Ryder

Since being appointed Commissioner by Governor Baker in 2018, Commissioner Ryder has been a staunch advocate for the more than 33,000 adults and 10,000 children with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the Commonwealth. Even before that, Commissioner Ryder had spent much of her career advocating on behalf of individuals with disabilities for equality, empowerment and […]

Karen Mueller-Harder

Karen Mueller-Harder has been teaching sign language to children with developmental delays and other communication challenges for the past 15 years. She had a good friend in childhood who had Down syndrome, and didn’t have access to strategies for effective communication, as was common in the ’70s. Karen was involved with the Deaf community while […]

Sherry Elander

As a Transition Specialist and Special Education teacher with over 25 years of experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it has been Sherry’s passion to connect students, families, educators, community leaders, politicians and professionals together to support youth in accessing inclusive postsecondary education as well as competitive employment. Through a variety of […]

Lauren Beckham Falcone

Lauren Beckham Falcone (LBF) is the co-host of the ROR Morning Show with Bob Bronson, LBF and Brian on 1057 FM in Boston. Formerly an award-winning reporter and columnist for the Boston Herald, she credits her current success as a pop culture commentator to watching too much TV as a kid and scouring the internet […]

Kandi Pickard

Kandi Pickard is the President & CEO of the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) where she provides vision and leadership, working collaboratively with individuals and organizations to support the entire Down syndrome community. Kandi holds a degree in business administration and brings two decades of experience in operations and effective administration management to her role […]

Adrian Forsythe

Adrian Forsythe is the Advocacy Programs Specialist for the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) where he works to advance legislation beneficial to the Down syndrome community. Since 2016, Adrian has participated in advocacy initiatives on the federal and state levels and provided administrative support for the NDSS National Advocacy & Public Policy Center. Adrian also […]

Charlotte Woodward

Charlotte Woodward is the Community Outreach Associate for the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) where she supports public awareness and community outreach through public speaking, social media and writing a blog. She is also working to develop a magazine for and by individuals with Down syndrome. Charlotte was born with a heart condition and had […]

Kayla McKeon

Kayla McKeon is the Manager of Grassroots Advocacy for the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) where she works to advance legislation beneficial to the Down syndrome community. Kayla gained experience working with Members of Congress as an intern for Congressman John Katko of New York. She was named NDSS Self–Advocate of the Year in 2016 […]

Margot Rhondeau

Margot Rhondeau is the Senior Advisor, Health & Wellness for the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) where she leads the creation of resources and programming to improve health and wellness within the Down syndrome community. Margot joined NDSS in 2020, bringing 14 years of experience working in the health space, both internationally and nationally, to […]